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2nd Virtual Conference on
“Application of Remote Inspection, Automated Monitoring & Robotics Technology”

Date: 11th January 2022; Time: 9:30 -16.30 hours Indian Standard Time (IST)

In today’s competitive business environment, industries are increasingly using emerging Remote Inspection Technologies and Automated NDT Techniques to improve efficiency, reduce risks, prevent disasters and cut costs. New technologies - such as fixed NDT probes, Corrosion monitoring system (CMS), Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), robotic crawlers/ climbers, and wearable/handheld devices are rapidly entering the inspection era adhering to the digital transformation trends. Advances in Robotics, Drones, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are making it possible for companies to autonomously inspect a wide range of assets.


Integrating the inspection robots or drones with AI technology enables them to automatically detect leaks and other defects on the assets. Integrated process and condition monitoring by NDT is an accepted procedure to early diagnosis of irregular process conditions followed by feedback control and optimization. There is a gradual shift in emphasis from the periodic inspection with detachable transducers (NDT) to permanently installed monitoring systems giving information about the structural integrity at pre-programmed intervals or on-demand. The subject conference will provide an effective technical platform for Inspection, NDE, O&M, Safety, and Robotics professionals from all over the world to interact, share and exchange experiences of the latest remote Inspection technologies to address Inspection and O&M challenges.

Key Topic of Discussion...

The technical program will cover, but not limited to the following topics:

  • New Technologies & Application of Remote Inspection & Monitoring Techniques

  • Incorporation of Remote/ online monitoring in Inspection Management System (IMS)

  • Remote Visual/Video Inspection, Thermal Inspection, Video-scope & Boro-scope

  • 3rd Party Inspection & Remote Certification

  • In-service NDE/ Inspection

  • Installation of fixed monitoring based on the RBI recommendation

  • Guided Waves for NDT and Permanently Installed Monitoring

  • Corrosion Monitoring Systems(CMS), Coupons & ER/LPR Probes

  • Inspection through Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)

  • Underwater Inspection with ROVs

  • Remote Inspection & Robotics Technology

  • Drone Inspection & Survey, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

  • Pipeline Leak Detection & Theft Prevention System

  • Internal Survey with Robotic Crawlers like Refineries storage tanks & confined spaces

  • Automation & Data Analysis

  • Codes, Standards and Regulations

  • Case Studies, Open Q/A and Discussions

Speaking Opportunity

AIRM Institute invites Speakers/ Authors to submit their Abstract (Less than 350 words and as per the guidelines) on the specified technical topics for Technical Presentation during the conference to:,

Why choose
Our Event?
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As market experts, we know how best to utilize technical gatherings & events to promote, develop and generate business for our clients.

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  • Create New Sales Leads

  • Unveil New Products or Services

  • Enter New Markets

  • Build Customer Loyalty

  • Strengthen Company’s Brand

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

Target Industries
  • Inspection & NDT Equipment Manufacturers & Service providers

  • Remote Inspection & Monitoring Service Providers

  • Corrosion monitoring system (CMS)

  • Drones & unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

  • Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) & robotic crawlers/ climbers

  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation

  • Leak Detection & Theft Prevention Companies

  • Professionals from Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petroleum Industry

  • Upstream & Drilling, Offshore Facilities, Pipeline

  • Refineries, Petrochemical, Fertilizer & Process Industries

  • Energy & Power Industry, Nuclear, Solar & Wind Energy O&M

  • Aerospace, Automotive, Railways, Shipping, Defence, Information Technology

  • Civil engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Companies

  • Operation & Maintenance Personnel.

  • Inspection personnel, Failure Analyst, NDE personnel and Regulatory Authority.

  • Vendors Suppliers of Inspection, NDT & Monitoring Related Products

  • Failure Analyst Expert, Asset Integrity Professionals

  • Educational, R&D organizations

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Promote Your Business/ Sponsorship Opportunity

The subject event will provide a unique opportunity to promote your products/services to the focused International and National audiences besides having an excellent opportunity to interact with the Key Decision Makers, Bureaucrats, Professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Academia and marketing professionals. Request you to contact us for different options and benefits of Sponsorship/ Branding.

For Registration of Delegate/ Speaker/ Sponsorship

Please send your details to: AIRM Institute

Mob: +91-8178077405 / 8178077769
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