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The Institute organizes several technical conferences and workshops to provide an effective platform to all the Technologists, Engineers, educationists, scientists, academicians and professionals of various industries to interact, share and exchange their experiences and discuss issues pertaining to Asset Integrity, Reliability, Risk-Based Inspection, Corrosion Control, Inspection & NDT, Material of Construction, Welding & Fabrication, Operational Excellence, Process Control, Operation & Maintenance, and Chemicals etc.


Major topics focused:

  • Inspection & NDT

  • Corrosion Control, Cathodic Protection, Coating

  • Corrosion Monitoring Systems

  • Asset Integrity Systems & Techniques

  • Risk Analysis, Risk-Based Inspection

  • Pipeline Integrity Management

  • Pigging, Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Inspection

  • Material Selection, Advanced Materials & Corrosion Resistance Alloys etc

  • Welding, Electrodes, Weld Integrity, Fabrication

  • Failure Analysis, Health Assessment

  • Corrosion Models & Software

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Specialty Chemicals & Additives

  • Robotics & Digitalization’s

  • Testing Laboratories & types of equipment

  • Leak Detection        

  • Non-metallic Materials

  • Research & Development

  • Other related topics

Our virtual conferences will be an unparalleled opportunity to connect with other organizations, hear from top performers and equip you with the knowledge and skills to meet the share cutting-edge development in the field. In this challenging time, there is strength in connection and in numbers. Our virtual conferences will be having a prestigious line-up of speakers who engage you all with purpose-built presentations.


Join us to learn from a powerful employer network of business leaders and professionals. When strong forces for change come together, best practices can remain on the business agenda while working remotely.

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