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Virtual Conference on
"Pipeline Inspection & Corrosion Control"

AIRM Pipeline Series (12th Edition)
Date: 25th August 2022; Time: 09.30 am - 04:00 pm Indian Standard Time (IST)

The integrity of pipelines is a basic concern for pipeline operators, and therefore, the ability to detect anomalies due to corrosion, erosion, mechanical damage, any faults/ thickness loss during operation shall be of significant interest to the operators. To maintain the health of the pipeline, various Inspection, NDT and corrosion control measures need to be opted by the Pipeline Industry. The conference is aimed at sharing knowledge on the latest developments in Pipeline Inspection techniques, Integrity management, Internal/ External Pipeline Corrosion Control, maintenance of Aging Pipelines, Pipeline Coating, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Monitoring, Pigging, any other new technologies to help to prevent any future damage of the pipeline, maintain adequate safeguards for assets, human life and the environment.

The Virtual Conference provides an effective platform for Pipeline, Material, Corrosion, Inspection & NDT, O&M professionals across the world from various industries, policymakers, research institutions and academia for exchanging their ideas, acquiring knowledge/information regarding existing and upcoming products and technologies.

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Key Topics of Discussion
  • Pipeline Inspection, Latest Inspection Techniques for Risk Management

  • Pipeline Integrity Management

  • Role of ILI in Managing Integrity of Pipeline Networks

  • Pipeline Cleaning, Calipering(EGP) & ILI Tool Run

  • Pipeline Corrosion & its Prevention/ Control

  • Internal & External Corrosion of Pipelines

  • Selection & Application of Corrosion Protection Coatings

  • High-performance Pipeline Coatings, Linings & Wrappings, Joint Coatings

  • Cathodic/Anodic Protection, Cathodic Protection Survey & Coating Survey

  • Chemical Injections/Inhibitor, Microbiological Corrosion

  • Pipeline Internal Corrosion Monitoring, Measurements & Prevention

  • Leak Detection Systems, Defect Assessment in Pipelines

  • Pipeline Repair Methodologies, Clamping & Wrapping

  • Pipeline Health Assessment - a Risk-Based Approach

  • Inspection of Unpiggable Pipelines, Direct Assessment ECDA/ICDA

  • Development of Robotics Technology, Theft & Burglary prevention

  • Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)  & Rehabilitation of Ageing Pipelines

  • Case Studies, Open Q/A and Discussions

Speaking Opportunity

AIRM Institute invites Speakers/ Authors to submit their Abstract on the specified technical topics for Technical Presentation during the conference to:

Online Workshop
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