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 Virtual Conference on 
 "Operation, Maintenance, 
Integrity & Safety Management  of CGD Network" 

 Date: 11th Feb 2022 
 Time: 09.30 am - 04:00 pm Indian Standard Time (IST) 

City Gas Distribution (CGD) is the fastest-growing end-user segment and becoming an integral part of the country's economic development. CGD operations are, however, prone to safety concerns. In the recent past, there have been several cases of pipelines bursting and accidents occurring in the gas pipeline network. These accidents serve as an eye-opener about the requirement for developing and implementing an effective and efficient Integrity & Safety Management plan for city gas distribution network through evaluating the risk associated with it, protect the personnel, property, public & environment, streamline the operation and minimise the CGD network failures.

The subject Conference will provide an effective platform for the professionals involved in Operation, Inspection, Maintenance, HSE, Integrity Management, Corrosion activities in the CGD & PNG Industry across the world for exchanging their ideas, acquiring knowledge on the existing as well as latest solutions and technologies.

Key Topics of Discussion

The technical program will cover, but not limited to the following topics:

- Technology Innovations in City Gas Network Design and Operations
Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas, Associated Integrity Aspects
Risk Assessment & Integrity Management Plan
Digitalization in Monitoring Technologies IoT, Big Data, SCADA, GIS, AI, ML, etc.
Sensors, Instrumentation & Automation in CGD networks
- Integrity Assessment of City Gas Pipelines with 
Direct Assessment (ECDA/ICDA)
Robotic Inspection, ROV, Crawlers & Robotic Pipe Scanner
- Optimising the 
CP and Coating Surveys (DCVG, CIPS) for City Gas Pipelines
- Coating Condition Assessment (FBE, Internal, 3LPE)
- Thickness Assessment, New 
Advanced Inspection Techniques
Online Monitoring for all CGD networks, CMS
Odorization of CNG & PNG, Leak Detection System
Safety Systems, Regulations and Inspection Practises
- Emergency Response & 
Disaster Management Plan
Predictive & Preventive Maintenance of CGD System
- Pipeline Patrolling &
 Third Party Damage, Gas Detectors
- Operating and Maintenance Plan
T4s Regulations & It’s Applications
Case Studies, Open Q/A & Discussions

Speaking Opportunity

AIRM Institute invites Speakers/ Authors to submit their Abstract on the specified technical topics for Technical Presentation during the conference to:

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