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"Material Selection & Corrosion Control"

Material Selection is crucial to obtain a long service life and to avoid damage/ failure during service. Industries suffer hugely on account of loss in productivity, safety, environment caused by wrong material selection or corrosion failures. Material selection is a complex task and it depends on various factors like operating/ design service conditions, design life, upset conditions, cost effectiveness etc. Corrosion in most of the capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Power, Fertilizer, Chemical & Process Industries, is a big challenge which requires an integrated corrosion management system enabling protection of assets and plants for uninterrupted operation.

Date: 23rd April 2021; Time: 09.30 am - 05:00 pm Indian Standard Time (IST)

About the Conference

Speaking Opportunity

AIRM Institute invites Speakers/ Authors to submit their Abstract on the specified technical topics for Technical Presentation during the conference to:,

Relevant topics to be covered by the material & corrosion experts are as follows:


  • Optimum Material Selection

  • Consideration of Corrosion Damage Mechanisms and its preventions

  • Corrosion Control and Prevention Techniques

  • Corrosion Rate Calculations, use of predictive Corrosion Softwares

  • Material Selection Report, Corrosion Audit

  • Suitability Assessment of existing MOC, Design Modifications

  • Protective Coatings/ Lining, Cathodic Protection System Design

  • Selection of Corrosion Resistance Alloys (CRA), DSS, Stainless Steels, Speciality Materials

  • Properties and application of non-metallic materials Polymers, Composites, Ceramics etc

  • Properties and application of Non-ferrous Alloys based on Cu, Zn, Ni, Al etc 

  • Heat treatment and surface engineering of alloys

  • Corrosion issues and remedies in welding and fabrication

  • Corrosion mitigation in Cooling Water & Boiler systems

  • Metallurgical & Mechanicals Testing and evaluation, Microstructure Analysis

  • Materials selection criteria in relation to industrial environments, life cycle cost

  • Health Assessment of Ageing Plants & Structures

  • Practical Case Studies & Failure Analysis

Key Topics of Discussion

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